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Nine Eleven’s Hole in the Ground

September 11, 2010

I just recently toured many Western states visiting monuments dedicated to great American heroes and historic events.  I know some can take issue with how the Indians were treated and I too wished it could have been handled differently.

Aside from that, the expansion and development of the West was a remarkable achievement.  Driving hundreds of miles across Montana and Wyoming, one wonders what it must have been like on a horse, wagon, or afoot.

Settlements were built, the Pony Express riders delivered the mail, rail lines were opened, all done in the remoteness of a hot, cold, windy, and disease-infested area.

So that was on my mind when I listened to the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate on the radio somewhere between Billings and Cody.  What occurred to me was why are we debating the building of the mosque when we have a hole in the ground in Manhattan?

Our forefathers have done remarkable things. Developing the west was only one.  Another was the construction of the Empire State Building.  Do you know how long it took to build?  One year and 45 days.

Why are we debating the Mosque?  Why aren’t we talking about the hole left by the destruction of the World Trade Center?  Think about it.  There is a hole in Manhattan caused by radical Muslims and it’s still there 9 years later.

Have we fallen so far that the Mayor of New York City supports the Mosque while the death of thousands are memorialized by a hole in the ground?  That hole is emblematic of where we have gone since the heroes of the west.

As a matter of principle, a Mosque should not be built until that hole is filled.  Filled with a building so high it would dwarf the site of any Mosque built below.

One Comment
  1. Leslie Stone permalink

    An excellent point. Why haven’t we finished the new building…

    I have been really torn about the building of the Mosque. I certainly respect the deep hurt felt by New Yorkers and the families of the Trade Center attack victims. I also think that the monsters who led this attack no more represent Islam than the Ku Klux Klan represents Christianity. When the Klan bombs a site or leaves a burning cross in someone’s yard, we don’t lash out at (for example) the Baptist Church…

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