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Buffalo Bill Cody

August 27, 2010

After several days in South Dakota and Montana we reached Cody, WY, home of The Buffalo Bill Historic Center. We got in late in the afternoon and were told that the center needs nearly a full day so we moved into the Yellowstone room at The Mayors Inn.

Cody was founded in 1895 by Buffalo Bill and fellow developers and incorporated in 1902. In the same year the Irma Hotel, named after Cody’s youngest daughter, was built.  The hotel still exists and we had a snack there under a giant moose head.

The next morning we got an early start and drove to the Center.  Walking up to the building one wouldn’t have expected the quantity and quality of what was inside.  It’s divided into 5 wings, each with a specialized exhibit; Firearms, Plains Indians, Western Art, Buffalo Bill, and Greater Yellowstone Natural History.  This blog would be far too long if I wrote about everything there but the Western Art collection was as good as it gets and the Firearms wing held the largest collection in the world.  Here are a couple of photos.  One is of Sitting Bull’s Ax and the other is the studio of Frederick Remington, one of our greatest western artists.

We didn’t spend the whole day but we could have.  Cody isn’t far from the North entrance of Yellowstone Park and I would encourage you to visit this historic town and museum.

We had to leave and set out for Jackson Hole and Wilson, WY, although more time would have been appreciated, where we were meeting up with our family for a week of fun and adventure.

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