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Setting Around Doing Nothin’

June 27, 2010

You ever just feel like doing nothing?  Just to set down without a thought in your head?  I do that once in a while, mostly on the back patio late afternoon or early evening.

The golfers, in their carts, have stopped trying to embed balls into the pine trees.  Normal traffic has slowed, UPS and Fed Ex have come and gone.  The garden services with their industrial-sized mowers and weed whackers have finished.  Neighbors, who have been puttering around, are inside for dinner or to watch the news. It really gets quiet.

It’s then, when you listen and watch, that you hear and see things that make life so much fun.

We have bird feeders in the backyard on each side of a fountain surrounded by small trees and other plants.  The birds and animals enjoy the area and most of them come to eat or drink this time of day.  At first I just watched but now I try to remember to have the camera, binoculars, and bird book with me.  Sometimes the birds come and go so fast that by taking a picture I can later try to identify them.

For example, last night a hawk that hangs around came in and tried to snatch a hummingbird that was hovering over the fountain for a drink. The hawk missed but it was a really small and fast target.  I’ve watched this same hawk actually nab a finch out of the air for dinner and it’s quite amazing how quickly this big bird can turn and maneuver in flight.  After failing to catch it’s snack it sat on the fence and was either pouting or considering its options; you decide.  It then actually sat on the feeder but the other birds are not that stupid so it eventually flew off.  I’m not sure yet what species of hawk this is.  It may be a Coopers or Sharp-Shinned.  If anyone knows for sure please comment below.

After the coast was clear the quail made their trek through.  They have babies this time of year and the father quail are very vigilant.  They both protect the little ones and give mom some time to eat what falls under the feeders.

These pictures are interesting because dad usually sets on a bush to have a better view of pending threats, as you see on the left, but one of the little ones found a worm and dad jumped down to have a look.

As it gets dark, it’s quiet again but for an occasional hooting owl or croaking frog.  If it’s been a warm day I may stay outside a little longer and savor a Cuban but most of the time it’s cold and time to go in.

As it turns out, doing nothin’ is sometimes the best way to do something.

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