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Immigration and a Sedona Moon

May 2, 2010

We’re in Arizona this weekend and wanted to say something about the immigration bill.  This is not a political blog but I reserve the right to talk about politics when something seems unfair or misrepresented.  More on that later.

I’m trying to become a better photographer, a step or two beyond point and click.  I’ve received some helpful advice from Lance Kinney who is a professional and friend. One of the outcomes of that advice was a new camera and lenses.  Yes that’s plural.  You have to have more than one lens along with some filters and other things as well.  You know how it goes with hobbies. The camera is in the car when traveling and close by at home.

Sue, my plant assistant, and I had finished dinner and were driving south from Sedona.  It had been cloudy all day so seeing the moon coming up over the foothills was a real surprise.  We found a place to pull off the road, and using the hood as a brace, took this photo with a 300 mm lens.  I was surprised the moonlight illuminated the small clouds below.  You can find thousands of moon pictures but this is mine and until I take a better one this is it.

Now some brief comments about the Arizona immigration bill.  If you’ve been reading or hearing the outrage it is frankly way over the top.

The bill isn’t very long and I’ve read it.  It doesn’t allow for racial profiling but does give peace officers the ability to enforce the law if they have a reasonable expectation that it’s being broken.  Pretty simple really.

In talking with people here I had no idea of the violent crime, kidnapping, and drug trafficking the state is trying to deal with.  Residents want to give the bill a chance and feel strongly the problems caused by their federally unregulated border needs fixing.

Here’s a link to Legal Insurrection, a blog that speaks about this with much more passion.

I have another photo worth sharing but that will be saved for next time. A hint?  Think “beep beep”.

  1. Leslie Stone permalink

    There has been on the books for 58 years a federal law saying nearly the same thing. I believe that had the federal government been doing it’s job, the State of Arizona would not be required to take this redundant step. I understand the issue with potentially violating people’s civil rights–the law can say no racial profiling, but there will be racial profiling because we are not perfect. But somehow we, as a nation, seem to work those things out over time. We have at the airports. So, I would add that I am happy to show my ID card anytime I’m asked and especially anytime my behavior is suspicious, say like speeding or running a red light. Oh, wait, I already have to do that!

    Great moon shot! Will Wile E. Coyote be in the next one with his little buddy?!!

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