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61 Hours

April 21, 2010

Jack Reacher is back.  Don’t know who Jack is?  If not, keep reading.

He’s my current favorite book character.  My friend, Leslie, who owns The Bookstore in Lompoc, CA told me about him a couple of years ago.  Jack was created by Lee Child and has been entertaining me and millions more since his first Reacher book, Killing Floor, was published in 1997.

61 Hours is his latest and it will be released in the US next month.  I bought the UK version from Dymocks, not wanting to wait.

Reacher is a retired Army major who served as an MP.  He travels around the country with a toothbrush in his pocket, no luggage, and walks, hitchhikes, or rides the bus.  When his cloths get dirty he buys new as cheaply as he can and throws the others away.  He has no home, although he inherited one once but didn’t want it.

If you’re wondering why read about a guy like that?  He’s a problem solver, mostly big problems.  To give you some perspective about Reacher, he could kick James Bond and Jack Bauer’s butt!

There are too many great lines to quote them all but one that comes to mind is from “Persuader” when he says, “I don’t care about the little guy.  I just hate the big guy.  I hate big smug people who think they can get away with things”

61 Hours makes the 14th book in the series so if you get hooked, and trust me you will,  you can just keep on reading or listening, too.  All the books are available for download and read by Dick Hill, who is terrific.  Even though I’ve read them all, it’s enjoyable to listen to Hill while on driving vacations.  There’s always something I missed or forgot that makes it worthwhile.

This is how 61 Hours begins:

Chapter One

“Five minutes to three in the afternoon. Exactly sixty-one hours before it happened. The lawyer drove in and parked in the empty lot. There was an inch of new snow on the ground, so he spent a minute fumbling in the foot well until his overshoes were secure. Then he got out and turned his collar up and walked to the visitors’ entrance. There was a bitter wind out of the north. It was thick with fat lazy flakes. There was a storm sixty miles away. The radio had been full of it.”


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  1. Leslie Stone permalink

    I just read the write-up on the Christ Church Libraries link (at the bottom of your post) and they seem to agree with you! How ever did you find a New Zealand library blog? Amazon raters consistently mark it four stars, but there are HUNDREDS of them, which is always a good sign. So, the question is, if you haven’t read a Jack Reacher novel and you’d like to give it a go, is it best to read them sequentially or can you pick up anywhere?

    • I found the library blog while searching for a bookstore that would send me the book. Child was touring there and I wanted a signed one for the collection. As far as reading them in sequence, not necessarily. They’re occasional references to past events and people that you’d understand if you did. But one doesn’t lead to the next. Each story starts fresh, new location, new problems. “The Enemy” is the only book written while he’s in the Army so it’s about his early life and I would recommend reading it first. That way you know why he left the military and recognize people from his past that are mentioned in other books.

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