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Augusta National or Pebble Beach?

April 11, 2010

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been to the gym, made french press coffee, and looking forward to watching the final round of the Masters.  Having been to both courses I was thinking about which one was best.

Augusta National is a golfing shrine.  I won’t take the time to relive it’s history, Bobby Jones and all that.  I will say that as spectacular as it looks on TV it’s better live.  There’s not one blade of grass out of place – even in the gallery area.  The course is outrageously perfect.  I’ve not played it but being at the tournament was a special treat.

About 2500 miles west is another hallowed place, not only for golfers but anyone who appreciates nature’s gifts.  Pebble Beach is too good to be believed.  Once you’ve seen it nothing else measures up.  I’ve been fortunate to have played Pebble a few times and was there to see Tom Kite win the US Open in 1992 in a howling wind.

OK, so which is best.

Augusta, GA is a nice city but it’s mostly about golf.  When I was at the Masters, there was a Chick -fil-a across the street from the main gate and the town had a Hooters.

Pebble Beach has 17 mile drive, The Tap Room, and at nearby Spyglass, Bagpipers marching up the fairway at dusk leaving everyone who experiences it emotional.

If I was told I could only spend time at one place it would be Pebble.  If I was told I could only play one more round of golf I would choose Augusta National.  However, never being able to tee off on the 18th at Pebble Beach would be sad.

  1. Leslie Stone permalink

    I think the question needs a qualifier: Which is the best course for playing golf? Which is the best course for historical significance? Which is the best course for surrounding beauty? I remember the epiphany I had when I realized that everyone doesn’t choose a driving route that gets him/her there the fastest. Some people take a different route every time because variety is more important than efficiency (Go figure?!!). Our reason for saying something is the best is more important than the choice.

    But for the record, how about Pine Valley as the best?

    • I’ve heard a lot about Pine Valley. In fact I have a friend that’s a member but I’ve never been there so for me to say it’s the best wouldn’t mean much. I’ve played many courses including The Haile Selassie Royal Club in Addis Ababa which was perhaps the most interesting. Each group was accompanied by a man dressed in a white robe who carried a long shepard’s stick used to remove the snakes near your ball if you hit into the rough. My choice of the two in the blog were like the finalists in a mental contest of all the courses I’ve seen or played. I should start making notes about some of others with funny antidotes etc.

  2. I will always be loyal to Pebble and all of the courses in that forest but Augusta does indeed look GORGEOUS on TV…wow.

  3. Leslie Stone permalink

    Snakes and golf…yikes. But yes, a post of golf course anecdotes would be fun!

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