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Cigar Dilemma Solved

April 5, 2010

Smoking is bad for you but I can’t resist an occasional great cigar. When I say a great cigar, I mean just that.  Not good or pretty good.  There is only one place that makes a truly great cigar and it’s not in the Dominican, Honduras, or Mexico.  Cigar people know where and, if you’re not, you could probably guess.

The fact that these cigars are hard to come by, expensive, and, yes, unhealthy is what makes enjoying them an occasional event.

Finding great cigars and keeping them fresh and in perfect condition for long periods of time has always been the challenge.  Humidors can do that, and I have one, but keeping the humidity just right wasn’t easy until I discovered crystals.

Here they are. That little round thing has 3 ounces of crystal polymers that absorb distilled water or a special solution consisting of 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% distilled water.  The latter prevents mold; yep, cigars can mold if there is too much humidity.

You unscrew the top, put the solution in and the crystals absorb the liquid and swell up.  Placed in your humidor, zip lock bag, or any airtight container they release just enough moisture to keep the humidity level right where you want it – 70%. Unlike the old systems where you had to guess when to add water and how much, you can see the crystals and when they start shrinking just add a little more solution. I found them in a local high-end cigar shop or you can get them online here.

Now when I buy a box, which is how you get the best price, they remain fresh for as long as it takes before needing to resupply.

My favorite? It depends, I have a few, but if left with only one choice a Montecristo  #2 Torpedo.


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