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Here We Go – The First

March 29, 2010

WordPress told me that before I could make my first post there were rules. I don’t like rules but it dawned on me that if I was going to write a blog there would be a first one so I read their rules and her goes.

This was a busy day. March Madness, BO went to Afghanistan, some of my radishes keeled over.

Duke and 3 others will be playing in the final four. West Virginia is back after several millenniums. Jerry West has to be happy.

During halftime of the game I was channel surfing and saw BO with the troops. Normally I would say good for him. Strike me down but I was thinking he was buttering them up so if he sent them to Israel to stop the Jews from building houses some would actually go. The Jews want housing and we have housing we can’t get rid of.  Maybe there should be a new version of Lend Lease.

French radishes sound pretty good. I like the regular ones but anyone can have them. I bought some seeds from Ron’s Nursery and was eager to see how they tasted but I had to plant them first. The label was very instructive, but more rules. Phooey, I put the seeds in a plastic lettuce keeper. They grew like Barry Bonds on steroids. I transplanted them into a large planter box. I don’t know what happened but some fell over and were not looking so good. Splashed them with water and will look in the morning.

My first blog post is done. That wasn’t to bad.

PS: This is really odd. When I got my laptop out to do this I was planning on writing something entirely different.  Oh well, I’ve got time


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  1. Leslie Stone permalink

    Not being a radish aficionado (glad to know I have a source, now, though!), I guess I will just have to comment on the Israel situation…

    I thought some 1995 ruling established Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel. I also understood that Jews were building new housing in a Jewish section of Israel. I don’t understand what the problem is…bullying your friends doesn’t make you powerful.

  2. How are those radishes looking today?!

    PS. WELCOME to the blogging World 🙂

    • Hey, thanks. You and another friend recently started and but I’ve been hesitant but figured so what. The radishes got rained on yesterday but doing fine. I’ll take pictures and post when they get bigger. Sue and I look forward to your blog. It’s fun, easy to read, and you find really cool things. Would go broke buying everything though.

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